About CBN Media

CBN Media is an Australian company that has a proven track record and remarkable success in producing and promoting technology-focused media content. Our primary focus is on delivering top-notch content to Australians through various channels such as free-to-air television, online platforms, training programs, and broadcast radio.

Our core mission is to educate Australians about the latest advancements in technology and demonstrate how these innovations can enhance their digital lives. We actively collaborate with major technology brands and renowned media organizations across Australia.

Using a comprehensive approach, we employ multiple channels including TV shows, radio programs, online reviews, product launches, and training roadshows to introduce brands to consumers. Our aim is to effectively reach your target audience, regardless of where they may be.

If you are a technology company looking to reach a broad audience in Australia and share announcements or launch new products, CBN Media is the perfect partner for you to connect with.

Charlie Brown, the founder of CBN Media, is a frequent commentator in national media, sharing valuable insights and updates on technology trends and developments. Additionally, he hosts two significant programs produced by CBN Media: CyberShack TV and Life and Technology.