About CBN Media

CBN Media is one of Australia’s pre-eminent production houses, dedicated to the creation of high quality broadcast materials to educate the Australian public about new technology.


We’re a communications company committed to promoting an educated and professional dialogue between the makers of technology and the people that use it.


CBN Media raises audience and consumer awareness around advanced tech ideas without confusing technological jargon. We make your products accessible and understandable to all audiences.


CBN Media engages in a diverse range of marketing activities and content creation services with established national and international clients. Developing Television shows, TV campaigns, Online Advertising promotions and Branded Content videos.


CBN Media specialises in delivering the full production package to clients. From idea development, script writing and capturing product vision, right through to editing, sound and post production.


We know production. We know technology.


Founder Charlie Brown speaks regularly in National media about development and trends in technology.